Not Fast But Not Last
My Love/Hate Relationship with Running

Experience Experia

Last year when I started running, I would wear plain, no-show cotton socks.

I noticed I was getting a lot of blisters when I started increasing my mileage.  I was told more than once that my socks were just not cutting it.

When I was younger, I worked for a large sporting goods retailer.  We had clinics on some of the major brands and so I learned about Thor-Lo socks.  I had a few pairs back then for rollerblading and tennis and I highly recommended these socks to all of my customers, friends and family.  The local rep loved me.

I knew I needed a thicker sock with more support in order to stop the blisters and the sore feet, so I turned to my old friend Thor-Lo.  Only this time around, they had a new line, called Experia.

I swear by these socks.  I love that they come in such a variety of colors and they have never failed me.  My foot always feel secure and there is cushioning in all the right places. Plus, my feet rarely feel tired anymore. As you can probably tell, I still highly recommend this brand.

I am pretty sure I have every color they make in my size (xs, as I have a tiny foot).

I have not decided which color I will be wearing this Saturday, but I definitely have options!


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