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My Love/Hate Relationship with Running


A while back, my husband came across this new item and thought of me.

Look what he found!

It is called the Vitaband.  It is similar to Road ID, only this version comes with the option for a prepaid Visa card so that you can pay for things “on the run”.

After doing my research and writing the company about nonexistent smaller sizes, I decided that I wanted the adult small pink one. (What?  I have small, child sized wrists…)

Pink Vitaband

Once you purchase the band, you have to activate it and then set up your online profile so that in case of an emergency, your information can be accessed easily.

As soon as I purchased mine and got home, I wanted to set it up right away.

I uploaded a photo and filled out as much of my medical history and emergency contact info as possible.  It was fun to fill out the form.  It was very user-friendly.

The band has a toll free number on it and a unique code for you so that when the number is called and my unique code is put in, emergency responders would be able to know about me and my medical conditions and history.

unique code and toll free number

My family likes this because it makes my solo runs a little safer. In the event of an accident, people will be notified and no time has to be wasted on a work up to know about my pre-existing conditions and medications I have taken.

Road ID is similar, but they do not offer a prepaid card option.

Vitaband partnered with Visa to offer a prepaid chip to be placed inside the band that can be used almost anywhere.  As long is there is a “wave & pay” option at the checkout, I can use my bracelet to make purchases.  You never know when you might need a few bucks to get a drink, snack or a cab ride home!

I can add funds to the card online and now I do not have to worry about trying to keep dollar bills dry or my debit card tucked away somewhere.  It’s right on my wrist.

Now, it is easier than ever for me to conveniently and safely go anywhere with confidence.


4 Responses to “Vitaband”

  1. I like to fill out forms about myself too. (:

  2. Cool. I have never seen one, but Nathan has great products and customer service. Next time I go to the mall, I’ll just wear your “new bracelet”!

  3. […] personally prefer the VitaBand because of the material its made of, but they are essentially the same […]

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